Let's go camping! A look at the moveable feast

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cooking dinner
credit: K Martinko -- Husband cooking dinner over stove

TreeHugger's Katherine Martinko does a lot of camping, and does it in style, but that takes more equipment:

We are, without a doubt, part of a new generation of campers that is not willing to forego culinary pleasures while ‘roughing’ it. Meals are important, the highlight of every day spent camping. My husband and I plan them well in advance. We do a special grocery-shop and pack specialized gear and ingredients for cooking, i.e. multiple stoves (two-burner Coleman plus mini collapsible rocket with a special fast-boiling pot), cast-iron skillet, insulated mugs for coffee made in our stovetop mocha pot, a battery-powered milk frother, chef’s knife, spices, pepper mill.

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