8 brilliant van conversions to live, work and play in

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Zach Both
credit: Zach Both

Thanks to the convergence of various economic, technological and cultural factors, living in tiny spaces has been glamorized in recent years, especially the so-called "van life" phenomenon.

Often, the popular stereotype might envision these converted vans as second-rate housing alternatives for bohemian types. But that is changing as images of impressively tricked-out vehicles -- and stories of professional digital nomads working while travelling -- emerge. It's evident that a lot of care, thought and creativity is going into the design of many of these portable homes that you see, enabling their owner-inhabitants to live and work differently, and inspiring many others to do the same.

Modernist live-work space in a cargo van conversion

The first of our converted van tiny homes comes from filmmaker Zach Both, who breaks some of these stereotypes of the bohemian van-dweller. Both, who left his job as an art director at a tech startup to pursue filmmaking full-time, chose to convert a Chevy cargo van into a modernist home-and-office that could move with him, at a total cost of USD $12,000. He's since also published an informative, online DIY manual for van conversions, called The Vanual. As he explains:

[Filmmaking] is a constant migration to and from different locations based on what the storytelling requires. With this van, I now have complete freedom to write a script surrounded by mountains, direct a shoot in a remote desert town and then collaborate with an editor or composer in Los Angeles — all within the same month. That would be impossible any other way.

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