12 buses converted into fabulous tiny homes on wheels

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Von Thompsons
credit: Von Thompsons

These modern takes on the mobile home are fresh, fun, and comfortably livable.

It used to be that the picture of the American dream included 2.5 children, a car to impress the neighbors and a tidy home, the bigger the better, with a white picket fence.

Fast forward to 2017 and cue the "record scratch" sound effect. Welcome to the new dream homes.

While Norman Rockwell towns and big houses will likely always have some appeal, we're seeing more and more minimalist apartments and tiny homes, adaptively reused spaces and even treehouses! And for those who aren't rooted to a single location, converted vans and buses decked out as beautifully functional roaming homes. Lured by the idea of escaping the mortgage miasma and rent rut, a new generation of nomads is proving that a life fueled by wanderlust doesn't require a trust fund. It seems that the American dream is getting a bit of a makeover – as you can see for yourself on the following pages featuring some of our favorite converted buses.

First up, the magical cottage pictured above.

Family converts bus into beautiful cottage on wheels

If somehow a storybook cottage and a school bus fell in love and had a child, it would certainly look just like this! The lucky inhabitants are a young family of three in Key Peninsula, Washington. "With a lot of imagination, design savvy and skillful craftsmanship, they've managed to transform this vehicle into a whimsical, modern cottage on wheels," writes Kimberly. See it all here: Family converts school bus into beautiful cottage on wheels

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