The Week In Design: What's The Greenest Home in America? What is Design Anyways?

What is "The Greenest Home in America?"

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Greenest homes

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Martin Holladay of Green Building Advisor raised the issue with his post, looking at ten houses that all claimed to be green; he found that their average area was 4,186 square feet and the average cost was $2.3 million.

We all know the moral of this story: if your house is larger than the average American house, and if it costs much more than the average American house, there’s no way that it can be the greenest house in the world — or even the greenest house in Santa Monica. If it costs several million dollars and measures 3,500 square feet, then you're not in contention for this prize. Go away.

He didn't think you could find real green homes in America. More in TreeHugger