Watch Herman Miller Build an Eames Lounge Chair

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Suzanne LaBarre of Fast Company recently wrote Behind the Scenes, as the Famed Eames Lounger Is Made, showing a video of Vitra's manufacturing of the design classic. She calls the video "downright porny."

She writes "we're disappointed not to see more of the manufacturing process. What made the chair revolutionary in 1956 -- and what's still fascinating 55 years on -- was the construction of the plywood shells: Thin layers of wood veneer were glued together and shaped under intense heat and pressure."

I recently had the opportunity to tour the factory where Herman Miller, the other licensee, produces the same chair, and shot some video as well; I am not good enough that they could be called "porny" unless one refers to the cheap shaky films with bad sound, but perhaps I fill in some of those gaps in the process.

Image credit: Lloyd Alter