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I believe that I saw this at the last INDEX event in 2015 but there were many things shown that were not entered yet. I thought this was absolutely brilliant; in a world where not many places have logical addresses like most people in North America have, this was a way of finding anyone, anywhere.

The What3Words app solves this problem by dividing the world into 57 trillion 3x3m squares and assigning three specific words to each of these sections. Wherever someone is in the world, she can use the app on her phone to identify the square and the three words – the “address” – of her location. This information can then be shared with anyone else who has the app and will be able to find her location within that 3 meter square of the world. The app uses easy-to-remember language instead of hard-to-memorize GPS numbering systems, which is much easier for people to implement.

As we have learned in the recent discussions about the best passwords for your computer, it is easier to remember words (and they make better passwords) than a string of numbers. And these days, having an address is so important, whether for mail and packages or emergency response. Oh, and if you want to find me right now, I am at matchbook.proper.noting

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