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regen villages
credit: ReGen Villages

Regen Villages

One of the most spectacular architectural entries is Regen Villages, a "Tech-Integrated and Regenerative Residential Real Estate Development"

Regen Villages are a new type of community designed to be fully self-sufficient, growing its own food, making its own energy, and handling its own waste in a closed loop. Any household waste that can be composted will feed livestock or soldier flies. The soldier flies will feed fish, and fish waste will fertilize an aquaculture system that produces fruit and vegetables for the homes. Seasonal gardens will be fertilized by waste from the livestock. By using the most advanced methods for growing food – a combination of aeroponics, aquaponics, permaculture, food forests, and high-yield organic farming – the ReGen Villages will grow much more food than a traditional farm of the same size, with fewer resources.

We have not covered this on TreeHugger because there was always this niggling contradiction: why build a community under glass in the middle of organic farmland? Why build a closed loop complete with soldier flies and build vertical farms when there is enough room to build horizontal farms? It just all seemed like too much work. But it is lovely to look at.

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