Picks and pans from the INDEX: Design To Improve Life Competition

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entries in the Index awards
credit: INDEX: Design to Improve Life

Every two years, TreeHugger is honored to be invited to cover the INDEX: Design To Improve Life competition in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a wonderful idea, encouraging designers to do work that really matters.

We encourage designers all over the world to stop designing ashtrays and teacups, and instead, focus their creative skills on more pressing challenges like our changing climate, overpopulation, shortage of water, etc. as we believe that design and design processes can play an important role in creating better solutions for a rapidly changing world.

The 56 short listed nominees are a fascinating mix of real practical ideas and way out there speculation; some are amazing, some are silly. You can see some of the entries that we have shown on TreeHugger before in my previous post; here are some of the others that I find interesting, challenging or just silly.

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