Hits of the Designboom Mart at IDS 2014

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designboom booth
credit: Lloyd Alter

Whenever I go to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York or the Interior Design Show in Toronto, I always head straight for the Designboom booth. Where much of the content of these shows is corporate, the Designboom booths are "all about ‘selling design originals’" with young designers from the local area and from around the world.

There is always something interesting going on with the mart design as well, and they don't always work out perfectly. Last year's was too crowded and difficult to display on; this year's is really functional, but the graphics are so loud that they fight with the exhibitor's content and make it impossible to take a photograph. There was one product, a clever TV antenna from Klampwave, that you couldn't even see, it just disappeared into the business of the background.

But if you squinted and looked hard, you could find some neat stuff.

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