Help Design, Build an Ultra-Low Footprint Apartment: The LifeEdited Project

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TreeHugger Founder's New Project: LifeEdited, A Tiny, Ultragreen Renovation

Graham Hill writes:
"I've been pretty busy over the past six years. I've done an OK job of living in a green manner and haven't worried too much about it, considering my day job has been entirely focused on helping green go mainstream. The desire has very much been there though...and over the last year, I've been fortunate to have a little more time to focus on my personal life. Therefore, I am very excited about the following project as it will allow me to live further in line with my values, and should be a great way to spread some important ideas and tactics. I want to show people how to live sustainably while making them happier and saving them money. This project is called LifeEdited."

Graham wants to find the best ideas and suggestions from readers. Using "social co-creation" or crowdsourcing on the Jovoto competition platform, Graham's project will be a design competition of ideas -- with prizes for the best ones, which will then be implemented in the renovation.

TreeHugger is proud to be a media sponsor of the project -- and now, the Jovoto crowdsourced LifeEdited competition is looking for prize sponsors and partners.

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