Green Materials Guide: Your Guide to Materials for Green Home Improvement, Remodeling and Renovation

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When it comes to building or renovating a home, there are few simple choices. From styles and colors to location and design, there's an awful lot to consider, but, thankfully, you don't have to settle for materials whose production or use has a big-time negative impact on the planet.

Enter the Green Materials Guide, a brand-new feature over on our sister site, Planet Green. We've put together information and resources on the materials you might need for any home construction, renovation or remodeling job. From the building blocks of a structure, to the insulation to keep it comfy, to the flooring you'll walk on every day, the guide is stacked full of green info to help navigate the increasingly busy world of green home improvement; here's a quick peek at everything the guide contains.

Photo credit: Getty Images / Dieter Spannknebel