Futuristic Green Design Concepts Give New Life to Old Buenos Aires Building

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Casa FOA Argentina Interior Design - Small Loft Photo
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Design and architecture event Casa FOA takes an old building or structure in Buenos Aires and puts it in the hands of talented architects and designers -- who transform it to showcase interior design 'concept spaces.'

Apart from bringing new life to old buildings, the exhibition reveals local trends in design and raises money for the Argentine Ophthalmology Foundation (FOA).

This year, the event took place in San Telmo neighborhood and included several green-themed concepts.

Shown here is a 300-square-foot loft designed by Leandro Artigala and Sergio Coluccio in the minimalist spirit of the Life Edited contest, conceived for a student living in the city. The space is organized in two areas: the work/activity table and the relaxing lounge.

Services are hidden behind the wood structure, which also holds the bed up. You can take a closer look at this project in this TreeHugger post.

Photo: Casa FOA.