From Pink To Paradigm: Brad Pitt's Make It Right Houses

The Pink Project

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Almost three years ago, Brad Pitt built the Pink Project, which was, as described by Archinect: "150 randomly scattered pink-clad structures have been erected to occupy 14 city blocks within the Lower 9th Ward, symbolizing the vision for future housing for the areas residents."

TreeHugger founder Graham asked recently if we had covered it and I had to admit we had not; three years ago it seemed to me, frankly, frivolous. Who needs cute pink arty boxes by fancy designers like GRAFT when people need houses?

But looking back at how much Brad Pitt and Make It Right have accomplished, at how many terrific architects have applied how much great technology, I realize I was wrong, that the man has had a consistent vision about design and architecture and he has carried it through.

Credit: Graft Architecture