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Bottega Montana

OK, we recently came up with 13 criteria for looking at design. So how did we do last year? We will warm up for the show by looking at some of our favorites.

How Italian designer brothers Francesco and Marco Gillia ended up in Lima, Montana, is probably a story in itself, but there they are, opening Bottega Montana. This refers to the Renaissance concept of the Florentine Botega, where artists worked in close association with their students and trainees. They have invented a unique (and patent-pending) fastener system so that their furniture can be easily assembled and dissasembled with only a mallet.

Collin took such a good picture that Francesco's mom asked for a copy, but what about the furniture? Which of our buttons does it hit?

Sustainable (sustainably harvested timber)
Downloadable (which we loosely apply to flatpacks)
Local (using local woods and trades)
Durable (is is certainly solid)

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Credit: Collin Dunn