Cooper-Hewitt's National Design Awards Honor TreeHugger Favorites

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It's National Design Awards time, when the Cooper-Hewett, National Design Museum honors "outstanding contributions from the design world, including architecture, fashion, lifetime achievement, and sustainable design solutions." Quite a few of the winners this year are TreeHugger favorites; we look at the deserving winners (and a few we question).

Corporate and Institutional Achievement: U.S. Green Building Council

Goodness knows, we gripe about LEED and the U.S. Green Building Council a lot, with posts about The Four Sins of LEEDwashing and Decidedly Dupable LEED. It is an easy target, but a moving one, as it continuously evolves and improves with every iteration. We are all learning on the green building job, and they are the best teacher we have right now.

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Credit: Boston Children's Museum