Breaking the Law to Make Streets Greener? 8 Smart Guerrilla Urban Improvements

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Guerrilla Gardening In Sidewalk In Los Angeles Photo

Armed with gardening equipment, white traffic paint, or even a few benches, young (and not so young) activists around the world are taking back the streets to turn our cities into greener, more livable and simply more fun spaces.

Guerrilla Gardening

Probably the queen of green guerrillas and the most widely covered on TreeHugger, guerrilla gardening is about growing food, flowers or any plant, within urban unused areas.

Guerrilla gardeners believe in reclaiming idle spaces and taking action, assigning a new use or purpose for a public area, usually neglected or abandoned. The movement is also about learning how to grow your on food, making your area a nicer place to live and meeting new people.

Although the trend began with gardeners sneaking out in the night to perform the plantings, some projects are now community based and even backed by local authorities.

Umberto Brayj vía Creative Commons.

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