Best of New York Design Week and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2011

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Every time I come to New York for Design Week and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), I learn so much, meet so many people, and get so energized. This is, of course, the big show, the largest furniture fair outside of Milan, but there are also ancillary events all over town.

I toured the show along with TreeHugger managing editor Collin Dunn, in from Portland, looking for the compact, the green, the transformer.

But it was a tough year at ICFF; the show seemed smaller and less original than it usually is. It was difficult to pick Best of Show, which I gave to The Wästberg Durapulp Lamp. There certainly was a lot less overtly green. But there was still lots to learn from.

Bathroom Manufacturer Kohler Makes Chocolates?

For instance, on my first night there I went to the launch party of the Kohler Numi, I mean, who ever heard of a launch party for a toilet? I parodied it here on TreeHugger, but they let me in anyways and I learned that Kohler makes some of the best chocolate I ever tasted. Go figure.

Image Credit: Lloyd Alter

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