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Best Landscape Architect: Edouard François

I don't know if François is in the right category here--is he an architect or is he a landscape architect?--but he certainly knows his way around green. Designboom says "Edouard François has become one of the protagonists of green architecture on an international scene. His work focuses on matter, context, use, economy and ecology, following the preoccupations of sustainable development."

Azure says that the French architect "is at the cutting edge of the green facade revolution. Working from the belief that 'buildings must be decorated,' he’s perhaps best known for his nine-storey Tower Flower in Paris, where the facade outside each apartment holds big pots of bamboo." Shown above, his Holiday Houses vacation homes in the Loire Valley, designed in conjunction with architect Duncan Lewis, employ simple materials--chain-link fencing on wooden poles-- to create something much more marvelous, a plant-covered second skin, that becomes part of the surrounding landscape."

I really don't care which profession he belongs to. I say that the age of Architects doing buildings that get surrounded by the work of landscape architects is over, that they must integrate the two so that the landscape becomes part of the fabric, the HVAC system, the skin and roof of the building, as demonstrated so well by Edouard François.

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Credit: Edouard François

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