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Best Prefab Architect: Michelle Kaufmann

I first met Michelle before she had built her first Glidehouse, when modern prefab was just a gleam in the eye of a few architects spread all over the world. In those early days there were so many ideas floating around, with so few who actually understood what it was to actually get one built, to deal with codes, to find manufacturers, to understand the crazy rules that regulate prefab and mobile homes in the US.

Michelle was the first to figure it out and turn it into a business. Her designs are not the most cutting edge out there, but she is constantly experimenting with new forms and typologies. It doesn't hurt that she is a tireless promoter, issuing white papers, writing books, blogging, speaking, spreading the word about her work but in the process spreading the word about the world of prefab. The entire industry has been dragged along on her coat-tails.

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Credit: Michelle Kaufmann

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