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Best Single Family Project: Bright Barn by Kaplan Thompson Architects

There is so much to love about the Bright Barn by Kaplan Thompson Architects in Rockport, Maine. The architect writes that it is "an attempt to push the envelope of sustainable design....From its inception, the design of the BrightBuilt Barn has been driven by 5 guiding principles: Livability, Sustainability, Replicability/Affordability, Disentanglement/Flexibility, and Education."

It was built by Bensonwood Homes, who have been reinventing the way buildings are built (they call it open building) and really working out how they will age and how they will adapt. The architect says it is designed to "demonstrate an alternative method of building that allows a level of flexibility and sustainability beyond the reach of typical residential construction."

I could do without the "mood ring" lighting that tells your neighbours how much power you are using, but other than that, it is a model of how we can build houses that don't need furnaces, that don't look like walk-in coolers, and how we can build to last.

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Bright Built Barn is Net-Zero Energy

Credit: Naomi Beal via Kaplan Thompson Architects