Best New Sustainable Ideas From Dwell On Design in Los Angeles

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This slick sustainable prefab house drew crowds at the 2011 Dwell on Design. Other hits? Think solid cork stools and coffee tables, linen made of seaweed, walnut plaster and gorgeous flatpack furniture.

While the actual floor does not have quite the scale of ICFF or Neocon, this boutique home and design expo attracts a high-profile scene with the latest in modern design.

TreeHugger's Roberta Cruger posted earlier on the event, but we also asked Cerentha Harris, who blogs at Herman Miller Lifework, to have a look. Her comments follow.

Prefab by Jonathan Davis with Interiors by Zem Joaquin

It's a tight 520 square feet with an interior curated to within an inch of its life by founder and self-proclaimed sustainability expert Zem Joaquin.

The building was designed by architect Jonathan Davis and is part of the pieceHomes line of green modular homes built by OneBuild. Yes, that is a chicken coop in the backyard -- albeit a super stylish one designed by Chicken Co-op

Like what you see? From July 5-15, you can bid for it on eBay, with proceeds going to Global Green USA.

Image Credit: Cerentha Harris

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