An Aesthetic Case Against Disposables: 8 Timeless Objects Vs. Their Tacky Single-Use Alternatives

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Plastic Fork Versus Arne Jacobsen Flat Cutlery Photo
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After experiencing the impact of our consumer society on our environment first-hand during my recent sailing trip with the 5 Gyres project, visiting miles of ocean trash, the question hit me: Why can't we get away from our ridiculous consumption of disposable products?

We are aware of their awful environmental impact and even how some of these products leach chemicals into our food, and still go on with their use.

Yes, it's true that sometimes we don't have a choice, but many, many times we do.

So in order to keep building the case against disposables, I thought I'd make the aesthetics point. This may sound a bit snobbish but bear with us and just think for a minute: How did they manage to sell this stuff to us? How on earth can we choose these products over the beautiful objects they replace?

Photo: TreeHugger