AIA Top Ten Green Projects for 2009 Released

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Synergy at Dockside Green by Busby Perkins+Will Architects Co.

Peter Busby is Canada's premier green architect, and was snapped up by Perkins + Will a couple of years ago. The firm continues to do some of the most interesting and greenest design around, including the Synergy at Dockside Green project, a residential project with the works:

"Green roofs with vegetable gardening spaces and the greenway on the site were designed to support social equity and local food production. In addition, all rainwater is collected on site and reused for irrigation and toilet flushing or infiltrated and treated by the greenway. A wood-fired combined heat and power plant will provide heat and hot water to the entire development. This, along with the hydropower-based electricity, will reduce the carbon footprint of the development."

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Credit: Busby Perkins + Will

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