A Rat Lamp? Sublime to Ridiculous Furniture Design Seen During ICFF

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There was so much to be seen in New York during Design Week: Here we round up some of our favourite sightings at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) and off-site events, including the wilder stuff. Find all of our ICFF posts here and don't miss this slideshow of student work.

Alex Randall's Rat Lamp

The craziest light fixture I saw was Alex Randall's lamp made from real taxidermized rats, at Future Perfect. Bonnie wrote about Randall:

"Taxidermy, the Victorian art and tradition of stuffing animals, is becoming fashionable again. Only this time round with young artists who see it as an ethical design choice. If the animal is already dead, why not preserve it in a new and cutting edge way."

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Credit: Lloyd Alter