9 gift ideas from when your grandparents were kids

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Here's a list of the most asked-for presents from early last century – all of which would still make a great gift.
Sure, nowadays your kindly old grandparents seem like the world's most gracious gift-recipients, gingerly unwrapping their presents with nary a tear while sweetly remarking "Oh, what a darling brooch! You shouldn't have." Quaint, I know. But don't be fooled; there was once a time in their younger years that they too tore ravenously through their Christmas bounty in hope of finding that toy they really, really, really wanted.

And while a lot has changed since then, many of those wish-list-toppers of yesteryear still hold the same power to delight a new batch of children -- even if they're not quite as flashy as many of the gadgets lining store shelves today.

Here's a list of 9 of the most asked-for presents from early last century, all of which can still be purchased today. So, if you're in need of some last minute gift ideas, why not choose from ones that have never gone out of style?

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