12 Amazing Objects Made From Plastic Bags

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Repurposing Plastic Bags

Chair Annick Mitchell of the Ryerson University School of Interior Design asked me to have the Sustainable Design class (which I teach) look at recycling containers. But they had heard me too many times saying Recycling is Bullshit to follow instructions, and instead came up with a presentation of repurposing instead of recycling.

This is familiar territory for TreeHugger readers; we call it adhocism and did a slideshow earlier. However, the products shown here are made just from plastic bags. Who knew you could do so much with so little?

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Credit: Fabiana Todescan,Natalie Yeung, Elinor Kriegsman, Kardi Wong, Stéphanie Drake, Jordan Chow, Chun Pong, Camila Kwan, Ivy Cheng, Jocelyn Chong, Serena Situ, Tamara Kinney