10 Ways to Monitor Power in a Tiny Apartment

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We've been hearing about the smart grid and the smart home for years, but if you start from scratch, how smart can you actually make your 420-square-foot apartment in terms of its energy and other resource consumption?

Monitor and Manage Power in a Tiny Apartment

As part of the LifeEdited project to renovate his small New York apartment, TreeHugger founder Graham Hill wants to find out.

After a web search of power monitoring systems, we've selected 10 that -- at bare minimum -- are designed to monitor overall electricity consumption. Some systems go beyond to detail where a home or apartment's energy vampires and energy hogs might be lurking, suggest solutions, and even give owners a chance to turn off problem power eaters before they wreak wallet havoc.

Give us your thoughts about these choices in the comments. Are there better ways to make sure we're conserving energy?

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