10 things TreeHuggers will love at the World’s fair

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10 things TreeHuggers will love at the World’s fair

credit: Margaret Badore

Electricity-producing swings

A universal exposition, also known as the World’s fair, is held once every five years. This year’s event is taking place in Milan, and is scheduled to close after October. The theme of the event is “Feeding the Planet - Energy for Life,” so it’s no surprise that the exhibitors present many innovative approaches to growing food. But in addition to vertical container gardens and hydroponic farms, a range of sustainable concepts are on display at Expo Milano. Here you’ll find a few of my favorites.

Estonia’s pavilion is outfitted with plenty of swings, and not your garden playground variety. These swings harness the user’s kinetic energy to turn it into electricity. I got up to five watts—the max capacity of the exhibit—which seems like very little but according to a display is enough to charge a cell phone. Here, Kara Brussen, the winner of the World Environment Day blogging competition, gives it a go.