10 Stackable Chairs for a Tiny Urban Space: Comments, Suggestions?

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When your space is limited and you like to have a party every so often, every chair counts.

That's why TreeHugger founder Graham Hill plans to choose his chairs -- for the small New York apartment he is remodeling and revamping in order to live a LifeEdited -- with great care.

Take a look at the 10 stackable dining chairs here, which we selected for their impeccable style, at least a touch of green, and most of all, their ability to be stacked and stored. Then tell us what you think, and what we may have missed in our hunt in the comments.

Stackable Chairs

Graham needs 12 chairs -- ideally comfortable, relatively small, with a contemporary look -- which can be stacked space-efficiently, and stored in a closet. The chairs should last a long time both aesthetically and physically.

"We'd like stacking instead of folding chairs because we believe they are more comfortable and less sacrificial," says Graham. "They should be fairly priced and ideally have small footprints."

What do you think of these chairs? Let us know in the comments.

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