10 More Ways To Get Rid Of The Bed

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A while back, TreeHugger looked at 7 Ways To Get Rid Of The Bed, which has turned into a favourite. While we probably spend more time in it than any other single place in our day, it also takes up more space than just about anything else in our homes.

We've shown a lot of innovative ways to deal with the bed, from transformer furniture to loft beds to entire transformer apartments. Here are a few more great space-saving ideas:

Lofts: 500 Square Foot Apartment by JPDA

The Village Voice newspaper in New York called this apartment "The Best Use of 500 Residential Square Feet in the East Village, Period." It does a spectacular job of integrating a ton of storage in a live-work environment. Every step in that staircase up to the sleeping area is a drawer. More at The Best Use of 500 Square Feet In New York's East Village?

Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

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