Transformed Plum Pits, Barley, Weeds, and More: 10 Innovative Products from Chilean Sustainable Design Contest

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Remade in Chile 2011 - Inplum by Genoveva Cifuentes

From plum pits to barley, weeds, wine kegs, potato starch, and more, unexpected materials become high design in annual sustainable design competition Remade in Chile.

The competition aims to encourage young creators and students from the country to develop products from unusual waste or sustainable materials -- and judging from the intriguing and creative results, the plan seems to be working.

Here we take a look at some of this year's most interesting ideas.

The grand prize winner, this line of gardening products was made with waste from the Chilean dehydrated plum industry. As the second largest exporter of this product in the world, the country discards 47 thousand tons of pits and pulp a year, which designer Genoveva Cifuentes turned into gardening products.

The new material not only biodegrades, but also helps seeds germinate, adding nutrients and thermal insulation.

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