10 Great, Green Design Products From Ikea

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While Scandinavian modern furniture giant Ikea has a mixed reputation on the sustainability front, the company has been making an effort to green its processes and its wares -- from partnering with the World Wildlife Fund on lower-impact cotton production to offering reusable bags and energy-efficient bulbs in its stores to sustainable furniture lines. Meanwhile, websites like Ikea Hacker show how a little creativity can turn these inexpensive pieces into reused, remodeled pieces of art.

With focus on alternative energy, renewable materials, and low-impact production, the 10 great, green Ikea products highlighted here are a step in the right direction.

Hultö Chair

While Ikea turns out a lot of plastic, non-organic textiles, and wood from at times iffy sources, it also offers well-designed goods made from natural fibers and sustainable materials -- like the Hultö chair, made from renewable rattan and stackable to save space when you can cut back on seating.

Photo via Ikea