10 Cheap and Easy Ways to Winterize Your Home Fast

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Have you recently had an electric bill shocker? Sure it's been winter for weeks -- but now is when you realize how much it's squeezing your wallet.

In the classic movie "Tin Men" Richard Dreyfus and his partner could sell aluminum siding to just about anyone. Today, they would be selling window replacement or insulation, promising huge energy savings and paybacks -- but do these renovations really trim the bottom line? The fact is, very few people actually do the math and figure out the cost over the life of the project in terms of per BTUs saved or tons of carbon saved.

Don't Listen To The Salesmen

Almost a decade ago, the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) did do this analysis, and the results were surprising -- new windows and insulation are very expensive and much less effective than alternative solutions. What people should do before they buy a replacement window or add a photovoltaic panel to their roof is address the cheap low hanging fruit.

Winterize your home fast with the following 10 cheap and easy solutions. The savings -- calculated by RMI -- can add up to real and significant cash in your pocket.

Image Credit: screen shot, Tin Men