Sexy & sustainable: 9 lingerie brands for women

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Sokoloff bra
credit: Sokoloff


If you're a TreeHugger reader, chances are you care a great deal about what goes into your food, body, home, and clothes. But have you ever thought specifically about underwear? More attention should be given to how bras, panties, and other lingerie are made. These are the pieces, after all, that sit closest to your skin, have the greatest effect on your level of comfort, and require more technical design.

In honor of Valentine's Day, when everyone wants to feel their sexiest, we have put together a slideshow of beautiful ethical lingerie pieces, made by companies that care deeply about their impact on the planet, are committed to high-quality manufacturing, and want to ensure you have the most comfortable undergarments to wear. This is the kind of underwear that will make you want to conquer the world.

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