Reconstructed Body Suits, Upcycled Leggings, and More at Hong Kong Fashion Week

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EcoChic Design Awards
credit: Redress

The EcoChic Design Award's 2012 grand finalists and 2011 alumni’s minimal-waste collections were presented at HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week, proving that sustainable fashion in Asia is ready for its close up.

An average of 234 tons of textiles are discarded every day into Hong Kong's landfills, according to 2010 statistics, and the NGO that has developed the award, Redress, is on a mission to change that. With the support of Create Hong Kong and Esprit, Redress and their local pioneers are proving that sustainable fashion is no longer a niche market but is increasingly becoming a norm in the fashion industry.

"The fashion industry creates excessive amounts of waste that causes environmental pollution. With China manufacturing approximately 40 percent of the world’s textiles and 30 percent of the world’s apparel, these negative impacts are all too close to home," says Dr. Christina Dean, founder of Redress. "Designers are thought to influence an estimated 80 percent of the environmental impact of a product and so designers must be part of the solution. Unfortunately there is a lack of understanding in Asia and this needs to change now."

Above: The EcoChic Design Award 2012 judges, from left, Barney Cheng, Margaret Kutt, Orsola de Castro, Do Do Yeung and Anderson Lee.

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