11 great picks for eco-friendly workout clothes

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Alternative: Meegs Ugly Striped Racerback Tank Top, $32

Have you ever thought about where your workout clothes come from and how they’re made? The following slideshow highlights a number of brands that are committed to sustainable production and ethical business practices. These are good ones to support if you’re in the market for some new gear.

The name of this tank top doesn’t match its appearance because it’s anything but ugly. As part of the “Alternative Earth” line, this tank is made with low-impact dyes that do not contain heavy metals or toxic substances and have a higher fixation rate than most textile dyes, meaning less gets used.

Alternative is a U.S.-based company that uses global manufacturers to produce its clothing. The company prides itself on upholding good labour standards, providing proper conditions and benefits for workers, and using mostly organic and/or recycled textiles.

Read more about Alternative's organic cottons here.

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