8 ethical weatherproof boots to keep your feet warm and dry

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Delrey Charcoal Boot by Fortress of Inca
credit: Fortress of Inca -- Women's Delrey Charcoal Boot

Fortress of Inca

This company features beautiful, high quality footwear that’s handmade in Peru and sold to independent retailers around the United States. (Lucky for you, their footwear is also available online.) The shoemakers are paid fair wages, receive health care, paid maternity leaves, and social security. The materials used are locally-sourced leather, rubber, and wood. In defense of leather, Fortress of Inca writes:

“The leather that we use is a byproduct of the meat industry that might otherwise be turned into organic waste and would be very harmful to the planet. We believe that it is our ethical and environmental duty to ensure that these animal hides are used in a sustainable manner as long as they continue to be produced.”

The boots pictured above are the women’s Delrey Knee-High boots. There are many other styles available on the website.

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