A guide to ethical and sustainable summer sandals

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Mohop sandals
credit: Mohop


Do you need a new pair of summer sandals? Rather than running out to the nearest shoe store, take a look at these interesting eco-minded brands. From various locations around the world, these companies have thought long and hard about what it means to produce footwear in a world that treats shoes as (almost) disposable.

From the website of Po-Zu, one of the shoe brands featured in this slideshow:

“Traditional shoe-crafting has given way to mass-production, eating up resources and sending an average of three pairs of shoes per person to landfill every year! The quest for cheaper and faster production has also encouraged the exploitation of vulnerable workers through long hours, low pay and dangerous working conditions.”

The following shoe companies are not satisfied with this state of affairs. They have worked hard to implement alternative practices in order to reduce their footprint and to create a product that lasts longer than the average shoe out there on the market. These are shoes you'll not tire of, that you'll want to wear for a long time because they're so comfortable, stylish, and well-made.

It's up to us, as consumers, to choose greener, more ethical solutions for our basic wardrobe needs, and it's through supporting such companies as these that we can move in that direction.

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