Guess the Innovative Green Material Behind These 10 Chic Clutch Bags

Nirbhika Evening Clutch

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Nirbhika Evening Clutch Nirbhika Evening Clutch

credit: Harabu House

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A big tote bag can be a blessing when you have lots to carry -- an extra cardigan, your e-reader, a bottle of water -- but for quick trips around town, chic nights out, or summery vacations, it's nice to leave the bulk at home with a slim clutch instead. These sustainably made options make it easy to travel light by giving you just enough room for the essentials.

The Nirbhika Evening clutch from Jhatak Matak relies on a traditional cylinder style for its shape, but gets a modern boost from handspun raw silk in a punchy teal or a rich black.

Keep it together with a ring of wooden beads and a magnetic closure, and know you're supporting women artisans in India. (Nirbhika Evening Clutch, $76)