9 gorgeous dresses for spring and summer

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LA Relaxed mini dress
credit: LA Relaxed

LA Relaxed

Do you need a new dress for spring or summer weather? Here are some lovely fashion pieces made by ethical, sustainable designers. As Margaret Badore wrote for TreeHugger last year, “Slow fashion is about knowing the story of clothes. It’s about knowing where our clothes came from and who made them. It’s about the celebration of personal style instead of chasing trends. It’s about having a few good pieces.” These are good pieces, the kinds of dresses that last a long time, that hold their shape, that support ethical manufacturing, and will be worth the money you pay.

LA Relaxed uses sustainable, recycled, and organic materials to manufacture its clothing in California. The dress pictured above is made of Tencel, a fabric that is regenerated from the wood cellulose of eucalyptus trees, using no old growth forests, genetic manipulation, irrigation, or pesticides. Tencel is considered more sustainable than either bamboo or rayon. The fiber is produced through a “closed-loop solvent spinning process” and the supply chain is transparent.

Kelli Cold Shoulder Mini Dress, $85

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