8 slow fashion dresses for spring and summer

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slow fashion dresses

credit: BeGood

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Slow fashion is about knowing the story of clothes. It’s about knowing where our clothes came from and who made them. It’s about the celebration of personal style instead of chasing trends. It’s about having a few good pieces. On the following pages, you’ll find ethically sourced dresses for this spring, summer and many more sunny days to come.

BeGood is known for their organic tees, so it's no surprise they know how to make a great teeshirt dress. The Ivy dress from BeGood is woven from organic bamboo fibers, which create a soft yet resilient fabric that’s stretchy in just the right way. The material is dyed with low-impact dyes, and the garment is made at a factory in China that has been certified for high labor standards.

$68.00 at BeGood. Other colors available.