5 Fair Trade shoes for fall from Oliberté

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fair trade shoes
credit: Oliberté

If you’re in the market for sweat-shop free shoes for the colder months, Oliberté has just launched a new collection of boots and shoes for fall and winter. The shoemaker is certified by Fair Trade USA.

All of Oliberté’s shoes are made by their factory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Although the shoes are shipped for retail, the company sources natural materials locally in Ethiopa and works to minimize manufacturing waste.

"Everything we have, from the cans that hold the glue to the leather scrap, we either re-use them, shred them and use them in other forms, or like the cans, we give them to the local market,” founder Tal Dehtiar told TreeHugger in an interview in March.

On the following pages, you’ll find my favorite styles from their new fall and winter collection. As always, we hope our readers will only buy what they need.

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