10 pairs of ethical, eco-friendly underwear for men and women

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PACT apparel men's boxer briefs
credit: PACT Apparel

PACT Apparel: Men's Pioneer Stripe Boxer Briefs, $20

Underwear can be ethical and eco-friendly, too! Unfortunately it often gets shuffled to the bottom of the heap when discussing sustainable fashion, but this mainstay of our wardrobes deserves some attention. Here are some great options for the next time your underwear drawer needs a refresh.

Certified fair trade and sweatshop-free, and made from cotton without pesticides, bleaches, or fertilizers, these boxer briefs are a truly ethical choice. PACT Apparel, which Maggie recently wrote about for TreeHugger, specializes in soft, comfortable basics for both men and women. Check out the big summer sale currently on their website.

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