New York Fashion Week: 8 Hot Trends for Fall 2011 by Emerging Green Designers

Emma Grady

Emma Grady
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February 25, 2011

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What's hot for Fall 2011?

According to new and emerging green designers unveiling at the Now Showcase, held in the Terminal Building during New York Fashion Week, it's pleated leggings, glitzy kicks, and glittering jewels using reclaimed materials.

Designer Titania Inglis stole the show with her cohesive and wearable collection, which features expertly tailored garments.

1. Versatile, Two-In-One Jackets

New York-based Inglis' works with a mix of dead stock wool and cotton from the Garment District and organic cotton from Japan's denim mills. Her two-in-one wrap jacket with a removable back panel can easily transition from season to season.

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NOW Showcase Fall 2011, New York Fashion Week. Photo: Titania Inglis