Green Fashion: New York Fashion Week Spring 2010 Ethical Fashion Show Highlights (Slideshow)

Meaghan O'Neill

Meaghan O'Neill (@msoeden)
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September 16, 2009

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Outside of Bryant Park, the Nolcha Ethical Fashion Preview during New York Fashion Week showcased about a dozen independent designers that are putting fair trade, fair wage, and sustainability on equal par with style. Dutch designer Van Markoviec meets at the intersection of architectural and ethical design. Playful pieces have a sense of humor, but don't take construction lightly -- pieces in the Spring 2010 collection drape beautifully and take forms that pushes the boundaries of modern design -- ethical or not. In addition to sustainable textiles used throughout the line, the designer also sources materials from and produces garments as close as possible to point-of-sale, reuses and recycles all production leftover scraps, and uses natural or nickel-free metal trimming.

Courtesy of Van Markoviec/Bel Esprit