Detox Your Make-Up Kit: 10 Ways To Avoid Cosmetic Chemicals


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Safer Makeup Mineral Blush by Alima photo
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Mineral cosmetics are touted for their natural properties, and blush is easy to make from minerals. But they aren't all created equal.

The Environmental Working Group gives Revlon ColorStay Cheek Color Mineral Blush, Honey 010 a 10 the highest possible hazard rating (Neutrogena also gets a high hazard rating, though for different reasons) mainly for the use of crystalline silica, as strong evidence, EWG says, points to its toxic and cancer-causing properties.

Plenty of powder blush doesn't contain silica -- not just Coastal Creations and Rejuva, but also Ecoglo (ranging from "1" - "2") and Maia's Mineral Galaxy, (all "1"s) -- though both the latter two do contain iron oxides and/or mica.

Photo: Maias Minerals