Detox Your Make-Up Kit: 10 Ways To Avoid Cosmetic Chemicals


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Even the best skin has bad days. Yet something as seemingly simple as Cover Girl Invisible Cream Concealer, which gets a seven from EWG, may not be what you want to hide blemishes -- it is also harboring chemicals like methylparaben, propylparaben, and triethanolamine, that present long-term concerns around toxicity and endocrine disruption.

Even Neutrogena and Physicians Formula brands contain some of the same chemicals, though their EWG hazard scores are generally lower.

Instead, tend toward brands such as Coastal Creations and Rejuva for mineral-based concealers. Both the Coastal Classic Creations Refreshing Mist Concealer Ivory to Light concealer and the Rejuva Minerals Concealer get a "0" on the EWG scale and avoid using titanium dioxide, a plus for some allergy sufferers. A possible downside: you'll need to learn to work with mineral powders.

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