Detox Your Make-Up Kit: 10 Ways To Avoid Cosmetic Chemicals

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Whoever would have guessed the word natural could be so abused? And nowhere does the concept of natural take more of a beating than in the world of cosmetics.

Even products that look safe or have a 'natural' label in the health food aisle have hidden and not-so-hidden chemicals that could be harmful for long-term use. Take a look at your favorite 'natural' brands in the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) Skin Deep database, which rates products on a 0-10 scale (10 being the ones to avoid).

Then give your makeup bag a good, long look and start planning for the transition to these great, safer beauty choices for all your must-haves: super disappearing concealer, lash enhancing mascara, speedy makeup remover, blush, and more.

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Photo: Meghan MacDonald