Detox Your Lipstick: 9 Perfect Pucker Shades Without Harmful Cosmetic Chemicals

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We've all heard the stats: Women who wear lipstick end up eating nearly four pounds of the stuff each year. And if you're not paying attention to the ingredients in your favorite pucker-up color, you could also be ingesting countless chemicals and toxins linked to everything from cancer and allergies to reproductive and developmental problems.

The Environmental Working Group's (EWG) Skin Deep database analyzes the listed ingredients in thousands of different products and shades, grading each one on a scale of one to 10. Here, we've pulled together nine different brands that scored a zero or a one in the database -- making them the least hazardous to your health.

One point to remember: These scores are based on the information EWG was able to collect.

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Photo: cerromijares/Creative Commons