Denver fashion show features upcycled clothes

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upcycled clothes

credit: Photos courtesy of PalletFest

Margaret  Badore

Margaret Badore (@mbadore)
Living / Style
October 17, 2014

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Don’t expect spotlights, airbrushing, waif-like models or a minimalist catwalk. The fashion show at PalletFest in Dever, featuring up cycled one-of-a-kind garments, was much more colorful and crafty. Models danced down a stage made of recycled shipping pallets, showing the diverse range of styles being made with re-purposed materials.

Here, we see an embellished turquoise blouse, paired with a polka dot skirt from Lavender Elephants, designed by Abbey Leigh Arabie.

The other designers featured in the show are Kotomi Yoshida, Designs by M, Amy vs. Fabric, Rita Cherry Designs, Ann-Marie Phalen-Hartman, Frank & Stein Co, and Sumeria Sierra.